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December Healthy Holidays Contest

We're in a holiday mood, so this month we’re giving away a prize pack each week of GI Natural Powder, Source of Life Garden Vitamin D3, Source of Life GOLD Gummies, KalmAssure Magnesium Powder, Hemaplex Liquid Iron & HempCeutix PURE 1500 Mint (an almost $200 retail value). Simply fill in your name and email below to enter!

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Gingered Sweet Potatoes
The sweet potato’s orange color is a sign of its rich stores of beta carotene, which the body turns into vitamin A. But this tuber is no one-trick pony: Sweets also supply fiber, vitamins...
Yoga Poses for Immune Support
You’re eating properly, getting enough sleep, supplementing wisely and exercising like you should. Want another way to support your immune system? Try yoga. “Yoga for immunity is a thing,...
Exercises for a Strong Back
Whether you’re carrying heavy packages, playing with your kids or engaged in your favorite sport, a strong back comes in handy. Here’s a seven-exercise sequence designed to help make your...
A Guy's Guide to Keto Living
If you’re a man looking to maintain a trim frame and find extra energy, you should give the keto diet a try.When eating the keto way, you limit your carbohydrates while upping your levels...
5 Fall Hair Trends
Do you like to change your hairstyle as the seasons change? Here are some looks you’ll be seeing all over social—and all around town—this autumn.Bangs Are BackWhether cut straight across,...
Stress in Men
For the vast majority of Americans, stress is simply an unavoidable fact of life. But just because both men and women are subject to stress doesn’t mean we respond to it in the same way—a...
5 Tips for Thyroid Health
Your thyroid is only about two inches long, but don’t let its size fool you: As your body’s master energy controller, this little gland in your neck plays a big role in how energetic you ...
7 Tips for Setting Goals
It’s common for people to come up with resolutions as a new year approaches, everything from losing weight (a perpetual favorite) to starting a business. But to really make positive chang...
Natural Play Spaces for Kids
Parents used to have a hard time calling children in to supper. Now they find it difficult getting kids to go outside. In response to the growing concern that too many kids don’t have eno...
Yoga Poses to Boost Your Brain
Looking to keep your cognition sharp and on point? Yoga, based as it is on synchronizing motion and breath, is all about concentration and focus. These poses are especially helpful in tha...
Can I Garden If I Have Allergies?
You may love gardening...but your sinuses and nasal passages may have other ideas. The good news is that there are ways to exercise your green thumb while reducing the risk of sneezes and...
Vegan Yogurt
Yogurt without milk? Absolutely! This yogurt recipe uses cashews as the basis of a yogurt even a hardcore vegan can love. “Making your own yogurt may seem daunting, but it is actually sim...